Who We Are

Mark P. Beckman
President & Chief Technology Officer

Mark Beckman is currently president and CTO of besys, LLC, a technology consulting company focused upon bringing enterprise-level technologies and capabilities to small and mid-size business. Mr. Beckman has held this position for the past ten years, and has been responsible for business development, contract fulfillment, and emerging & advanced technology research.

Prior to besys, Mr. Beckman held senior technology and architect positions in companies including startups, family-owned SMBs, and Global Fortune 1 corporations. He has also been a frequent presenter at technology conferences, focusing upon technology architecture and emerging/advanced technologies.

Additionally, Mr. Beckman works with economic development efforts, focusing on local economic systems, and emerging/advanced technology-based economic development.  In this area, he is returning to his roots in agriculture, and working to develop rural businesses producing value-add products from commodities.

Mr. Beckman graduated from Wartburg College, with degrees in Computer Science, Psychology and Political Science. His undergraduate emphasis was empirical-based research and experimental design; human, economic, and technology systems; and statistical software engineering.