Who We Are

Mark P. Beckman, President & CTO

Mark founded besys, LLC in 2009, with the purpose of bringing services and capabilities traditionally found in larger corporations to small to mid-sized companies to increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Prior to besys, he worked in technical leadership positions in the defense and private sectors, leading teams to complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget. These projects focused upon modeling & simulation, artificial intelligence, computer vision, bioinformatics, analytics, and market research.

Mark also has an interest in economic development, approaching it as a system. Working with economic development organizations, he has applied this approach to identify industries which would work in their area, and to create business creation and recruitment plans targeting those industries.

Mark received his BA from Wartburg College, majoring in Computer Science, Psychology, and Political Science, focusing upon empirical research and artificial intelligence.


besys has several associates available on an as-needed basis to assist with projects, or to independently handle a project.  Their areas of expertise include data engineering, modeling & simulation, mathematics, technology architecture, and software engineering.

All associates are United States citizens, and are former colleagues of Mr. Beckman.