Data Science

Your data contains knowledge. Knowledge about your products and services, your customers, and your business.  Simply, the unused knowledge in your data is unrealized profit.

But how do you access this knowledge, what does it tell you, and how can you use it?

Data science is the toolset to answering those questions and unlocking that profit.  Using statistical Categories Of Analyticsanalysis, mathematical modeling and simulation for courses of action, and developing automation, answers to your questions and solutions to problems are discovered. Providing confirmation of beliefs, uncovering hidden trends, showing new avenues for profit.

besys offers you decades of experience in the areas comprising data science, including statistical analysis, modeling & simulation, and machine learning/artificial intelligence.  This experience has been used to assist companies across several industries, including:

  • Retail
    besys was hired by two small convenience store chains to develop a full analytics system―from data gathering from POS/loyalty cards through prescriptive analytics―minimizing their losses, and increasing their sales and profits.  In addition, data science was used to determine optimal locations for new store locations―based upon geography and population demographics―to develop insights and models on customer behavior, and to develop individualized real-time incentive coupons delivered via the chains’ mobile apps.
  • Manufacturing
    besys helped a mid-sized manufacturing company to help integrate telemetry systems into their products, and to develop performance and failure models from the data gathered.  This enabled the need for preventative maintenance to be identified and scheduled, before an unscheduled failure occured.
  • Agriculture
    besys was hired by an agricultural company to develop crop performance models through identifying historical weather patterns using public data from the NWS―including NEXRAD data and hourly data observations―and merging them with proprietary soil and crop information.

Let us help you unlock the knowledge and profit in your data.