Software Engineering

Software engineering is more than just writing code and producing a software product.  It’s a process–sitting down with the business to determine testable requirements and uses; minimizing both the number of assumptions, and the scope of those remaining; and, developing tests for code functionality.  It’s selecting the language(s) and tools to fit your needs.  It’s about about automating code and requirements testing in order to deliver software which works as defined and required by the business.  And which can be modified as needed, at the speed of business.

When you select besys for your business’ software engineering needs, you select a company which understands the process. 

besys’ software engineering philosophy is traditional Agile, combined with Behavioral and Test Driven Development (BDD/TDD) to provide rapid integrated testing and feedback.  Languages we support include:  Python, R, SQL, C, C++, C#, Go, Java, and Verilog.